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Fry Rearing

We specialize in rearing of freshwater fishes in Malaysia. If is from us, you can expect for highest quality of fish fry.

Water Management

Water quality is the most important factor affecting fish health and performance in aquaculture production systems. We provide an excellent consultation service and will assist you in managing your ponds.

Disease Control

Our professional consultant team have broad experience and expertise on various fish and shellfish diseases. We provide on site and phone-based consultation in service areas.

Who We Are

Amoeba Aquatech Hatchery specializes in freshwater fingerlings and has been envisioned to promote and the rearing of freshwater fishes in Malaysia. To provide fish seedlings of endangered fishes to commercial fish species seed to Malaysian and foreign buyers.

As one of the largest freshwater fry producer in Malaysia, we are the ideal choice for wholesale buyer and dealer as well as fish farmer.

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